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Support Local Vegan Company With Crowdfunding For a New Upgraded Kitchen at Shepards Bush Markets.

Delina: Ethiopian & Eritrean Cuisine offers fun and informative culinary lessons to teach people about Eritrean Cuisine. They make ready to eat packages of healthy vegan Eritrean meal options that can be delivered to the customer's door regularly or as ordered, as well as fun cookery classes on a regular schedule.

There is a Crowdfunding effort to raise the money needed for necessary kitchen supplies to move to the Shepard's Bush Markets. Delenia's is known for the quality of healthy food, fun and informative cooking classes and an informative and interesting cultural experience. When you partake in the crowdfunding efforts to support the growth of this company you can choose from prepared meal packages, cooking lessons, a tea ceremony, a full service for nine and more. We hope you support the growth of Delina: Ethiopian & Eritrean Cuisine and enjoy the perks today.

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