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Gluten Free Food

If You Need Gluten Free Food, We Offer Options for Meals for All Occasions.

Do you need gluten-free food options that are yummy, healthy, and interesting? Check out our selection at Delina. Many of our options are naturally gluten-free so they are crowd pleasers and healthy easy weeknight options. You can rely on every product you order to be gluten-free if the package states it, and naturally just like it was in nature. Our cuisine meals remain close to nature, retaining as much fibre, nutrition and flavour as possible so people who receive our door delivery will feel great about their dinner options when they see our bags in the pantry.

The term gluten-free gets tossed around these days, but if you are actually diagnosed with a gluten intolerance or allergy you know how overwhelming finding safe foods to eat can be. The good news is that many of the healthiest options are also gluten-free. We offer lentils that are full of flavour at the exact spice level you desire. We offer gluten-free flour options made of natural ground ingredients that are from Africa. We have a variety of spices and full meals that will leave you satisfied without a gluten flare up leaving you miserable afterwards. We are also a great option for anyone looking to go full vegan, dairy-free, or vegetarian. If you have any questions at all about our product, ask us today or schedule a cooking class to get a taste.

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