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Meals Made Ready

Meals Made Ready Are More Than A Convenience. They Can Help You Make Wise Health Choices.

Our quality prepared food, or easy to prepare options include the Teff Zing, a healthy alternative to our guilty pleasure - the potato chip. You can simply grab a bag on the go or use them to eat the prepared dips that you can learn to make at our cooking classes.


Mild and Spicy Lentils: An organic instant dish that can be ready in only two minutes. This dish is vegan and gluten-free and goes great over rice.


Healthy Greens: Just add water to have this powerhouse ready to eat in two minutes. You will find kale and spinach in our greens mixture and it makes a great snack or side for our other products. We offer many other products and combination packages of these easy to make options. You will also find a variety of healthy and delightful spices to add to your dishes on site.

Do you want a subscription service for healthy meals personalised for you? If you sign up, you can receive three to twelve of our healthy options delivered straight to your door each and every month! Imagine how much your diet can improve when it comes to healthy micronutrients, vitamins, and low-fat options. The best part is that you won't even have to think about it or shop - you just enjoy your monthly delivery of pre-made meals, add boiling water and voila! Healthy and easy, you have a whole meal, snack, or side dish in a matter of moments just by adding boiling water to our proven and top-rated mixes.

Pre-made meals may be the solution for your loved ones who cannot get out as much but still need healthy food options every day. The truth is that often when a person is injured or loses mobility for any reason their nutrition also declines. This is because many meals made ready are about caloric density and speed because they are no longer to shop for themselves like they once did. We offer a solution. Meals made ready that are healthy, fast, filling, nutrient-dense, )and of course tasty!) can be delivered right to the door of anyone who has less mobility or even now as more people do not want to leave their home, to shop. Our meal options will spice up your life and add nutrients and culinary delight to your typical recipes. Order your first set today, or sign up for a cooking class using spices and recipes from Ethiopia.

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