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Ready Made Meals

Do You Want the Convenience of Ready Made Meals But Try to Make Healthy Choices?

We can offer you both convenience and conscientiousness with ready made meals from Delina: Ethiopian & Eritrean Cuisine. Our ready made meals include greens that you simply add water to and eat in just two minutes, fast prepared lentils, chips, spices, and so much more. You do not have to compromise on flavour or health when you choose our easy to prepare subscription option.

If you are hesitant to order your first shipment because you are unsure how to prepare your ready made meals, schedule a cooking class to learn a whole new skill. Our meals are simple to prepare but we offer specific classes in Ethiopian & Eritrean Cuisine that will diversify your talent in the kitchen and allow you to taste new dishes that are healthy to boot. The best part of our yummy, healthy, offerings is that they are also vegetarian. Eating healthy and aligned with your beliefs has never been so easy as with Delina ready-made meals. We make it simple, we make it fast, we make it good. You do not have to be vegetarian to enjoy Delina meals, you can add your favorite flavors as a side or mixed into our complete meals if you want to enjoy the taste and convenience but are not choosing it for the vegan aspect.

When ready-made meals were first invented it was all about convenience. Now ready-made meals have evolved to be just as convenient but with increased nutrition and culinary diversity. Browse our selection of great fast meal options that are also healthy and full of culinary diversity and flavour. Order one to try (or twelve) to keep you in flavorful options for a while. If you have any questions, contact us before ordering and we will be happy to guide you on your first order.

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