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A beautiful space for delicious tastes

Check out when Rick Stein visited our Delina!!!!!

Our spacious kitchen is perfect for a whole range of things, from just enjoying a coffee or snack to events and cooking lessons. We are set up to cater for them all.


This is what else happens at Delina Kitchen...



Delina is available for all types of private culinary events including:

- Team building cooking workshops

- Customized cooking experience with friends

- Birthday celebrations

- Family reunions

- Business or group meetings

Our purpose-built kitchen is a perfect place to gather your friends, family, or staff together for a unique, customised - and perfectly tailored cooking experience.  Our fun and inviting atmosphere is perfect for engaging team-building events and memorial celebrations among work mates, family and friends. Or just book our space for your meeting or gathering and let us provide the food.


We are located in shepherds bush Market, one of the oldest markets in West London.  Master our delicious recipes and learn new cooking techniques while having a great time with your group. Our private event includes 90min of hands on cooking plus time to sit and eat what you make.

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Coffee Ceremony plus brunch

£24 per head 

Enjoy an amazing coffee ceremony (or spiced tea) the Ethiopian way followed by a delicious brunch.

Learn how to roast and brew coffee from scratch the ancient way.

Experience an integral part of Ethiopian cultural and social life.

Taste delicious Ethiopian food - sample from a combination of dishes.


Ethiopia is the very birthplace of coffee, and the daily ceremony involves roasting the raw green beans, sharing the aroma, brewing in special clay jugs, and sharing with friends and family. Whilst enjoying the aroma, Ethiopian spiced tea is also served for anyone who would like an alternative.

Served up with an array of stews called wets arranged on top of African nutritious fermented teff bread with authentic Ethiopian cuisines.

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