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Delina is a word from Tigrinya, an Ethiopian dialect. It means to 'want and desire.' Our desire is to share wonderful food and tastes with you.

We began in July 2013 when Nazareth, our owner, started Delina Ethiopian Food as an Ethiopian street food stall in West London. We travelled around the local markets in Hammersmith, Fulham and Shepherd’s Bush with our Ethiopian recipes. 


Since then, Delina has travelled nationally. Nazareth worked with large catering companies, offices and food markets around the UK to introduce the taste of Ethiopia. We now provide specialised food that is free from gluten, diary, meat and preservatives which are easily accessible and cooking classes for people who are interested in learning how to cook nutritous tasty meals. 


Nazareth grew up in East Africa where everything she ate was full of flavour.  African food preparation is time consuming, however, and does not work well with a modern western lifestyle. Nazereth now lives in multicultural Shepherds Bush, and has been re-inventing African food to inspire modern lifestyles.

Nazereth has a passion for simple food, healthy alternatives and delicious food to share. She also understands that after a long day, we just want to reach into the cupboard, and grab something to feed the family. Her clever innovations makes special food incredibly easy to prepare in next to no time.



"A feast for the eyes...and the taste of heaven!" - Marian Gordan, Artist


"Fantastic food and service! It was a great showcase! From Lee, Richard, Matt and everyone!" - Tarmac Group



"I have been telling all my friends about it!" - 

Catriona McKenzie


"Food was amazing as always!!! Thank you!" - Louisa Cookson, illustrator


"I absolutely love this food! So much colour and taste! Highly recommend! Delina is incredible!" - Ben Clube, Designer.



"Thanks for your fantastic food and service today, the compliments are flooding in!!" -

Steve Smith, Wilson Vale


"The whole day was fantastic and everybody LOVED your food! I can’t wait to get home to the delicious leftovers tonight! The service was impeccable, thank you so much!" - Maggie Todd, Disney

"With a dinner party for a group of people, and just one vegan, we had the dilemma of whether to cook something separate for her - but instead we served delicious Delina food to everyone. Of course it it was loved by all. And the best thing was it was so easy to prepare (though that was our secret)."

- Paul Harrison

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