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Big news!

Delina is now open in our wonderful new space in Shepherd's Bush Market. 

We offer a place to eat, drink and gather, and also to learn to cook and buy our award-winning Delina products.

Delina in the markets is:

 - Cafe

 - Food to go

 - Delivery

 - Events

 - Cooking classes

 - Superfood salads

 - Award winning products for sale.

The space is a cultural hub for you to learn different cooking styles or enjoy the Ethiopian coffee ceremony. Or just to taste delicious food. Plus Delina is selling all of the amazing food products and ingredients for Ethiopian cooking.

Our purpose-built kitchen is a perfect place to gather your friends, family, or staff together for a unique, customised - and perfectly tailored cooking experience.  Our fun and inviting atmosphere is perfect for engaging team-building events and memorial celebrations among work mates, family and friends.

Come find us at arch 176 - about half way along Shepherds Bush Market.

Order takeaway  NOW!

also UberEats and Deliveroo
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